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Plainte de la tourterelle


Green Day 2020

At 10:15 a.m., a little patience was needed to wait, in 10° C weather, to enter the courtyard. Many who had arrived earlier were happy to leave with a large bag of garden soil under their arm or on a cart. Another, with a small basket of strawberries in hand. 

Pay trails?

Why not the roads?

At the Montfort Pavilion

More than 100 washes in two weeks says Ms. Hélène Chartier.
Note: It always seems strange to us, and this since before the adoption of the Boat Washing Regulations, to want to remove a few potential plant twigs from the surface of a kayak or paddle board with a pressurized water jet when this environment is already not conducive to being able to retain them. If you had a blade of grass on your picnic table, wouldn't you rather use your eyes, thumb and index finger, with a bit of mental effort, to deal with it? The case reminds us a bit of the wearing of the mask, which seems to make us forget, in Covid-19 times, that, according to the health authorities, the main thing is to maintain physical distance.
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Covid-19: Physical distancing...

Tell me, when will you be back?

Photos of LSFX, April 10 to 21, 2020

Photos LSFX, march 18, 2020

Minnie's 99th birthday!

Nice reception at the Café-rencontre on Wednesday; to celebrate Minnie Johnson who turns 99 on February 21st. What will it be a year from now?

February at LSFX

Wild turkey at lake Argenté

January 9, 2020 at Lake SFX

There was lot traffic during the Holydays at the Montfort Pavilion. The hot soup or the trio, as well as the reception of the attendants made many happy among the hungry sportsmen.

Nicola Ciccone's Christmas

The hall of the Montfort Pavilion was full for the Christmas concert of the municipality of Wentworth-Nord on Saturday, December 14, were we told. The spectators probably came from the four corners of the region; though bad weather had forced the less brave to cancel their reservation. Several residents of the village would bite their fingers for missing another great opportunity.

The performance went off without a hitch; everything was running smoothly. Nicola Ciccone's highly discernible kindness had already helped to seduce many. By such prestigious representations, Mayor Ghali had certainly won his bet; in Montfort, the Municipality could line up with the big leagues. Let us hope that the Council may one day find a way to make us relive, in sounds as much as in photos, the moments of pure happiness that its parishioners were able to live in this new temple of entertainment...

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nov. 28, 2019 at Lake St. François-Xavier

Christmas Market at LSFX

Traffic on LSFX in winter

Fall at Montfort

Fall colors at the Lake

Common Merganser at Newaygo

Hunt period

à la Galerie d'art Montfort

Tony Chiesa's bench

Tony Chiesa's commemorative bench and the other one at Lake Chevreuil need to be revarnished. The authorities, or a small ad-hoc group, should perhaps take charge of their maintenance...  They are not the only benches on the Corridor (km ~ 13); and, again, it would take some consideration to keep all in shape for years to come... Look in Bulletin Board.

Pontoon Boat concert

Louise Lapointe & Diana Zakaïb are behind this great initiative, which took place from 2 to 4 pm on Sunday, August 11th. It was the very first musical apero on Lake St. Francois-Xavier; an event that they would like to see happen and probably interest the whole small community.
They would tell you:
We had the honor of having with us Mrs. Nathalie Bourassa, trumpet player and Mr. Réal Trépanier, guitarist (Laurel Ma Muse) for this pontoon concert on the Lake. The atmosphere offered by our musicians was of the "cool jazz" type.
You had to go west of the Newago marina, past the Trestle bridge, with your pontoon or any other light craft (rowboat, kayak, canoe, etc.) for the departure of the musical pontoon. You could be in "towing" mode with a pontoon, as we were going around the Lake between 2 and 6 pm.
A voluntary contribution ($) was accepted (and well deserved ...) Google drive
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Souper-spaghetti, 24 août

 SQ patrol at the Corridor

Electrified barrier!

A night at the shelter...

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16 Ilands Lake Shuttle

Exposition au Pavillon

The emptying of semi-buried containers

The bags of these containers, valued at $ 1,000, according to the person in charge, are easily torn by building materials that should never be put in them. The one on the picture, almost new, already has a big tear at its base, as we have seen. Does waste drop into the bottom of the container? Yet, we have not seen any notice to users indicating this prohibition. Fortunately, no electronic part is likely to fail in this new trendy urban furniture or during its handling... C.C.     Google Translate and Linguee

Sand collector emptying

It's emptying day of the sand trap that harvested the sand spread on the Big Hill last winter. It was full to the brim; as every year apparently. It is not enough for the task and an unquantified quantity of sand, as well as all the ice melters, still end up in the channel that is spanned by the Montfort Bridge. But it is certainly better than before its installation in November 2014. Tons of sand that will not complete filling of the channel and the "Church" section of the lake; but that can be put back on the icy roads next winter.
The Enviro Sani-Nord team is supported by signalwomen and supervised by Transport Québec. The caution is well justified if one thinks of the three young cyclists who rise up at the top of the hill and descend, in single file, at full speed ... The sand trap!

nature in W-N...


Nicole Larivière and Nadine Legendre will introduce you to the surprising approach of their photographic works. And if the performances baffle you a little, linger over the endearing color scheme or the intriguing charm of many.

From June 1st to July 14th, 2019 at the Galerie d'art Montfort.

Green Day 2019

Spring thaw, lake SFX & riv. à Simon

Mid-winter at LSFX

Between - 12 ° to - 15 ° C; grey sky and not windy. Not bad for the first Sunday of February. The visitors from France had been proposed to use the Aerobic Corridor at Deer Lake, for a hike to the village of Montfort. But the entrance on the green lane by the Montfort Road, full of snow, was inaccessible. It was also without knowing that only skiers are allowed, will we be informed later by the young attendants at the Pavilion. A track in each direction; not to be massacred by the passage of walkers, they say.

It is close to 11: 30 and the parking lots of the Pavilion are virtually full. Faithful for the mass and skiers were before us. As soon as we step inside, the itinerant priest, in liturgical garments, seems to welcome us with open arms. He is behind the double glass door separating the lobby of the nave, and he is obviously addressing the small religious community who has momentarily regained his place of worship. Shut!

The snack before the hike; but no soup, no coffee and no coffee maker prior to the end of the mass; the equipment is in the kitchen, at the front of the Church, do we understand.

We have a look at the exhibition of paintings, at the beautiful bell which stands at the foot of the choir and at the piano under its blanket.

There is up to one or two meters of snow in the forest; for the pleasure of skiers. But joining the cottage left in early November, by the Mount trail and with badly attached snowshoes, with gaiters left in the bag back and inappropriate sticks, is madness... One sinks almost as much as in simple boots. The sticks are also unnecessary; unless they can reach rock or another hard mass. It is full exercise.

The visitors merely walk all along the Lake; their three weeks of looking for winter in Quebec have been rewarding... It is a shame to close them by this "inching" while getting back to Montreal, on our beautiful Laurentian Highway; with the threat of freezing rain pointing-up ahead.

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By Carl Chapdelaine

Christmas Market of Montfort

Photos from France Massie

It was a wonderful and successful event, says Ms. Chartier, host at the Montfort Pavilion.

A dozen stands had been staged in the great Hall (nave) of the Pavilion. They were essentially manned by local artisans. People of the village, and nearby probably, also came in number and their interest explains the success of this market.

And the visitors were not only contented with looking at the superb and multiple exhibits; they have also purchased. At the foot of their Christmas tree for the great day of gift exchange, their findings will not go unnoticed. What could be more original, valuable and useful to offer or receive a Catalogne (rug) made by an artisan of the village? We can also imagine that the event was for many the opportunity to meet friends and neighbors, as formerly just in front of the Church, an irreplaceable lost tradition.

Congratulations to the Table de concertation des Arts et de la Culture de Wentworth-Nord, volunteers, the authorities and especially artisans that allowed such an achievement.

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By Carl Chapdelaine

Where is Sunny-Side situated?

We surprise land surveyors of the firm Madore, Tousignant and Bélanger, from Lachute, coming and establishing the geographical coordinates of sites on Sunny Side Street.
They will have to focus on a geodesic benchmark already implanted on a rock outcrop, near the intersection of the Newaygo Road and the Rue du Chemin-de-fer, at the height of the separation between the East (Montfort) and West (Newaygo) basins of Lake Saint-François-Xavier. They install instruments on which they will later focus at a distance from Sunny Side Street and determine with an accuracy of a few centimetres the location, longitude, latitude and altitude, of the sites to locate. Our hiking GPS, were we explained, cannot be more precise than a few metres.
"Over the years, surveyors have established a network of points of which the exact coordinates are known: the so-called 'geodesic points'. These official landmarks are of a precision of a few millimeters; they are found everywhere in the municipalities." Denicourt, Quebec land surveyors

"The Department has established a basic geodesic network which includes 57 000 points of the planimetric network and 22 000 points of the levelling network. This infrastructure materializes the geodetic reference system and the levelling-base height reference system..." Expertise géodésie 

We do not however know the report between our geodesic benchmark and those points established by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, or whether it is even one of them. Hope that a professional will enlighten us...

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By Carl Chapdelaine

From image to imaginary

Beautiful paintings are still on display at the Montfort art gallery. In the main building, at the rear of the nave of the Chapel, Denise and Pieter Meyer, the inseparable couple, give a retrospective of their art from October 20 to January 13. Photos of flowers, remodelled electronically, sometimes enlarged, will become works of digital art.


Ed Clark and others...

The group exhibition continues on the rear gallery. «We want to offer a permanent presentation that will bring us to January 2019.» New paintings have replaced others, but some from the previous exhibition may still be admired. 
As soon as Mr. Chartier had unlocked the door at the foot of the staircase, the visitor had looked up towards abstractions of an intense color; to our eyes, a marvel!

Bouées retirées

Fall colors at the Lake

End of season at Echo Aloha 

5 October and it has been cold for a week already. Storage of the stand-up paddle boards will be elsewhere. Jokingly, we say that a new regulation will force to wash them before leaving the Lake next year...  In fact, they are damaged and the club is thinking to replace them with new ones for the 2019 season. They will be sold if possible. Echo Aloha has also other kinds of boards, inflatable. 
The club is still active in winter; there are learning courses in the pool, on boards that are attached. This allows even so to practice owns balance and prepare for next summer. The club is present in five municipalities, including Mont-Tremblant.


19 artists and their work

At Galerie d'art Montfort, from September 8 to October 7; Saturdays and Sundays.

Les stations éphémères
(Ephemeral stations)

The hand car, by Michel Giroux, at the Park de la Plaque tournante. At the session of the MRC on 11 September, the prefect, Mr. A Genest, said that it had been suggested to keep this work on a permanent basis.

Le tour du jardin d'Eleanor Dunford


Journée des arts et de la culture

Day of torrential rain!

We were told that it had rained like never all day Wednesday at Lake Saint-François-Xavier. Some residents away were able to count on the vigilance and the spirit of mutual aid from their neighbors to look at their boats.

Canoë/kayak Viking

Youth training near the Montfort Pavilion.

Viking Canoë & Kayak Club

Montfort beach & Lac-Thurson road

Green Day & Farmers' market

Lake SFX ice-free

Thaw at Lake SFX

Sand collector on the bridge for the Big Hill?

Engineers must find more ways to collect the sand of the Big Hill.

April at lake St.François-Xavier

Photos at LSFX

Art exhibition: Turquoise

2nd ditch on the Big hill

The excavation of a deep ditch with rocks, along the West edge of the hill of Route Principale, in Montfort, should prevent the overflow of water, with sediments, on the Sunny Side and Provencher streets during exceptional runoff. It will allow directing all loads to the 10 000 gallons tank installed at the foot of this big hill. The configuration to correct allowed the arrival of large amounts of sediment in the channel under the bridge of Montfort, on the West side.
Mayor Genest announced this operation at the municipal meeting on 2 October, on the occasion of a spending authorization passed by the Council of the municipality. The Department of transport had already done so on the East side of the road in November 2014, after the installation of this pit or "sand trap”. However, it was starting less high on the hill. This time, the Department authorizes but does not assume the responsibility or the financing of the work.
The operation, planned by the Director of the public works team, Mr. André-Philippe Hébert, took place last week. It took three days of work (by Réjean Beaulne excavation Inc.), with blasting, explained Mr. Joseph Licata, Deputy Director General of the municipality.
 The sand trap installedThe sand trap

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View from The Orphans’ lookout and from the Big hill

The panoramic view from the Orphans’ Trail Belvedere, on this October 10th, leads you to contemplation. The fall colors have again suddenly transformed the infinite landscape bathed in light on this sunny day. You can only be moved by the exceptional softness of this morning, as much as by the silence and the surrounding vastness. You no longer try to discover some construction on the horizon, even if the high-voltage power lines at the edge of the hills remind you of human presence, while the beauty of forms, trees, rocks, are already fully filling your curiosity. And that's not counting the benefits of exercise you had to devote to ascension.
With the shelter nearby, where you could have spent the night, the place is certainly exceptional, although obviously too little frequented. It is an incomparable recreation and tourism attraction. The place is however not easily reachable, except for the undersigned who seems to have the closest cottage. For others, there is a quite close access in the Northwest gate, between km 12 and 13 of the Aerobic Corridor; but you still have to get there. At the other end, the parking under construction, at the end of the new Lake-Thurson Road, lets you a few kilometres to climb to get your reward.
Recreational tourism promotion? How to back out now, after creating such a destination? The question should be rather to seek to get the most benefit for all, with the least inconvenience, of what has been laid out.
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Carl Chapdelaine

Deer Lake 

A start in Fall colors?

More posters!

Inauguration of W-N's little free libraries

Lake Thurson Road, branch line S-W

The impressive way, often elevated, has rock-lined ditches on great lengths to regularize the water speed in the slopes and limit erosion or the input of contaminants to the Lake. Similarly, a grassy plateau was built at the foot of some culverts.
The Lake-Thurson Road is well made to its destination, almost at the head of Lake St-François-Xavier; and residents like their visitors have been quick to use it. 
Some properties of the southwest branch of the road are already connected; the movement should grow. The Orphans and the Lake-à-la-Croix trails will be also directly accessible by this way. Well, the life of this corner of the Lake will change and the Newaygo marina will no longer be part of the equation.
The sector will inexorably be urbanized. It will see turn seasonal cottages in homes four seasons and new sumptuous houses will spread out along this road and at the sides of the Lakes it covers. But despite the imagined palliative action, the pressure on the environment of the bypassed Lakes will increase at this transformation. Once all four years minimum, or two years if you live there year-round, you'll get the visit of Sani-Nord or another to empty your new septic tank, which is why the road was ordered.

Thurston road, phase 2

The second phase of construction includes the fork in the road, about 200 m from the Lake. The two sections of the road will go along, to the East and the West, to serve the border Lake cottages.
We also see a stormwater and sediments retention basin at the edge of the road, at the bottom of a slope. In the absence of any vegetation, some barriers to sediment must hold these during the construction of the road.
The Thurston road cuts the Orphans’ Trail, unrecognizable here. This is apparently point E3 of the trail.
The East branch line is led to a dead end; a cottage and Lake are visible from this place.
While the breakup was heard for a few weeks, bare parts of the hills indicate the scope of the work and the right-of-way of the Thurston road in the landscape. A significant project close to completion, with interesting snow removal and de-icing contracts in sight… 

A Presentable Marina? 

A dozen trees felled for the benefit of three Hydro poles in 2015... It's time to fix the error and replant. If it is possible at Val Lisbourg, why not at Newaygo?

A third floret?

Photos at the Pavilion

July 26, 2017

Notreau at the Lake

Wild nature in W-N

Ah, the wild nature, on June's first Sunday afternoon. This couple from Ste. Adele is ready for the company of small black flies and should also have thier umbrellas. Enjoy your trip on the Aerobic Corridor, the Orphans’ Trail or the Montfortaine…


What a nice welcome on this first Sunday of June. The girl, in her best French, will kindly guide you towards the boat wash station. Today, you put your hand in the cage and take yourself the sprinkler gun in hand. Also, open the valve on the wall. You will even receive the pamphlet of the Association of the Lake who explains the regulation in W -N and gives you details on the generous rates in normal times. What about the sticker?

Bin nest

On Chemin des Montfortains; but we would prefer to see the back in front...

View from the Orphans' Trail Belvedere 

Small black flies, by clouds, are too small to appear on the photo...

April, 23: The thaw

April 10: The Thaw

Aerobic Corridor

Thurson (Thurston) R.

Phase 2: Clearing


Big Hill: Sand & gravel

Fall colors

Channel turning green

Invasive species

Viking  Regattas 

Culvert: Exit in the Lake

Operational barrier...

Photos: Lake St. Francois Xavier

A 2nd container filled-up!

Not so nice...

The parish community & the Viking Club's corn roast 

 LSFX - Environmental Fund

LSFX Pot Luck Supper

The Pot Luck on Saturday obtained a great success, with over a hundred participants. 


Montfort summer regattas are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Dave Clark and Mayor Genest took the occasion of the Pot Luck to pay tribute to Bob Clark who has organized these since their beginning. To thank Bob for his work and highlight the event, his brother Dave and Edna Schell have thought about a special trophy which was then handed to him. 

Thank you to Colleen Horan, Diana Jegou and all those who have helped for the success of the Pot Luck and for sharing photos of the evening.

Trout fed loon chicks...

AGM: photos

Hours of opening of the  Orphans Shelter

Stand-up paddle-boards surfers

From the channel to the marina!

The barrier ...connected?

July 10, 2015
This week, Hydro led wires to the pole planted earlier by the automated barrier. This post, like those now along the trestle bridge section, was topped by streetlights. There still remains to see the Barrière Prestige technicians return connect everything in order for the technical part of the implementation to be completed.
In case of power failure, it seems that there is way to manually operate the work. When it comes to emergency vehicles, a scream of their siren will automatically trigger its opening, were we explained. One can see the small control box of this emergency system on the side of the large one. Hope that those who are so good at imitating the cry of the loon will still not play the siren...
The barrier is however not yet in service. It appears that the MRC should previously send a letter of explanation to the concerned residents; of what they are in great need. This formality might be enough to allow the inauguration of the system. There is however still those left behind who need to also get their precious code of access to the shared and soon protected way... They might also afford buying a remote control, or hope that their iPhone might one day be equipped with a proper application!
Please address inquiries to the Municipal authorities.

SQ and loons on patrol...

Stand-up paddle-boards

Kayaks and code of conduct

Code of Conduct for boating on Lake Saint-François-Xavier (Available at the Monfort Pavilion)
1.                Respect for the lake:
a.                if your boat has been in other waters, inspect it for possible invasive plants and wash it as required by the current regulations before launching
b.                do not throw your garbage into the lake or leave it on shore
2.                Respect for the residents: do not use private docks and beaches
3.                Respect for other users: refrain from shouting and foul language
4.                Safety: have a life jacket for each occupant, boat in pairs or small groups
Warning: There are boats on the lake with powerful motors which can generate large waves and turbulent water.  Be aware of such boats at all times, particularly during the hours when water skiing and other towing activities are accepted: (1:30 to 5:00 pm and 6:30 to 7:30 pm).  Note that federal regulations impose a 10 kph speed limit within 30 metres of shore; small boats are less at risk close to shore.
The Lac Saint François Xavier Lake Association wishes you a pleasant day on the lake
Contact the Coop des 4 Pôles for information on the kayaks rental service, at (450) 712-2507 or eventually at the Montfort Pavilion.


Viking Club lesson

The sand trap is installed!

Automated Barrier 

Residents of selected addresses are currently receiving a letter of the MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut informing them of the installation of an automated gate at Newaygo. The schema of this steel structure gives an overall of more than ten meters width.  Homeowners are invited to complete the attached form, specifying a code of four digits of their choice; the latter, once programmed, will allow them to open the barrier. There is also attached a note of the manufacturer, Barrière Prestige Inc., at Saint-Hippolyte, where is mentioned the price of remotes, at $ 40 each.
In the preamble, the letter is recalling the derogatory situation of automobile traffic on the Aerobic Corridor that justifies this measure. It states that, in consideration of the right to circulate, the MRC and the Municipality have agreed to annual pricing for the use of the barrier for 2015, at $50. For residents of rue du Chemin-de-fer, usual fees for winter maintenance of the road and now summer fees of $100 as well add to the former for the same year. 
Look no further for the frame of your next bucolic photo of the Lake at Newaygo; the prestigious barrier should do the trick...


The sand trap!

The new street number plates

Appeared on rue Principale

From Orphans to Lake Thurston